Fanfiction Yaoi: All Blonde Jokes Aside

Fanfiction: All Blonde Jokes aside
Main Characters: Inuyasha, Sesshomaru/Amanda, Miroku, Shippo, Kagome, Sango
Summary: Sesshomaru one day walked along a cliff, trip and bust his head open on a rock and now have amnesia, thinking he’s a blonde chick with big boobs. How will the inuyasha gang react and cope with this new change? Poor Jaken

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New Yaoi fanfic: Sweet Sorrows

Fanfiction: Sweet Sorrows
Main Characters: Sesshomaru, Seshamaru, Inuyasha
Summary:  Sesshomaru lost his cousin centeries before, With Seshamaru's parents brutally murdered he disappeared 300 years later he reappears in inuyaha's village with no recollection, can sesshomaru gain his cousin's love once again? Yaoi incest-family love!

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Hey everyone *hugs* Happy new year, it's time for celebration and new revelations, i hope you guys had a wonderful time.

Fanfiction: Skip to my lou
Main characters: Trunks, Sessho, vegeta
Summary: All his life Sessho always believed he was a full Youkai until one day his birth father came back, his best friend trunks helps him understand who he really is and vegeta’s sudden attraction to sessho…Crossover/AU Warning:Yaoi romance



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