Something different

I've been writing Fanfiction for some time now and i've been getting a few visitors here and there and i have to admit, it was fun, mostly yaoi.  But because of my job and lifestyle i rarely have the chance to do what i love, so...i was thinking of just doing drabbles no more than 500-550 words per scene/chapter and posting it on both fanfiction and Here for now.  Unfortunantely I won't be able to continue the stories i have now, I was writing for 5 stories i've develope which i love so much but there isn't enough time in my schedule.  Maybe one day i'll eventually get around it...sigh.

Stuck on stupid update

Finally after like a zillion years i have the seond chapter up, cool, so if you haven't read it before....check out on this cool story

I was also thinking about doing little dribble takes on pretaining to my favorite anime fanfiction. I'll update you on it once i have the ideas in place.

Fanfiction update: My Silver Moon boyfriend

Hey guys, this is what I've been waiting for and i finally updated my story after so long.....

Story: My SilverMoon Boyfriend
Characters: Sesshomaru, Gohan, Goku, Vegeta, Trunks

Check it out, it'll keep you reading...

Warning: It is a Yaoi/slash/Mpreg/Gay fiction so if it offends you please don't read!!!!!!!!!!!!

Possible Yaoi fanfiction-Inuyasha

Hello everyone!!! Happy Chinese New Years!!!!

I was thinking about writing a new fanfiction maybe a one shot to see how this goes...

Titile: Life with Fluffy
Fanfiction Summary: I want to run and hide from him but he never let's me breathe, if i go to the grocery store it's either him or his men...Argh someone help me!!
Characters:Kenji feel in love and married a Business Mogul not realizing that marring a Dog Demon is far from happily ever after...

Keeping wish upon a dragon ball z alive

Hey guys, i wrote a fanfiction some time ago (try a few months) and only received 50 hits, or 52 which sucks so bad because it's not a terrible story...if possible to take alook at it and review, plus tell others would be nice...much appricate it!